term & condition

This website is publised & maintained by "www.gurgaontoagrataxi.in". Whenever customer/user access this website ,he/she accept terms ,conditions and services without limitation & qualification. These terms and conditions pasted on the website make the agreement between the Gurgaon To Agra Taxi and consumer/you.
1. Distance is calculated from Garage to Garage.
2. State tax , toll tax & parking will be pay by customer as per actuals.
3. Minimum 250 km. will be charged per day.
4. AC will be not allowed in Hill area.

1. Driver reserve right to cancel the service in case of:-
a. Consumer/you can instruct/ask to break traffic rules and law of land.
b. Consumer /you consume alcohole,smoking,abusive language in the car.
c. Driver will use safe route to reach at destination and reserve right not to follow customer’s instruction.
d. Instruction from consumer for overload/extra person.
2.Gurgaon To Agra Taxi takes services from third party/vendor for the purpose of providing fast reliable services ,better rate for consumer ,availibility therefore does not hold responsibility of services. However we try our best to resolve issues if any arise. To resolve that we request you to provide us complaint/notice in writing.
3. Consumer/you are responsible for his/her there goods /lagguage,ornaments, cash etc. and tajtrip car disclainms any loss however will do its best efforts to find them if gets any notice in time.
4. In case of any mishappening ,accident we request you/consumer (if possible) to intimate us on our mobile number sothat we can do our best effort to intimate vendor & consumer’s family/relative,concern authority(if possible) and try to find nearby hospital,doctor clinic facilities. We do not accept any liability of any type of claim.
5.Gurgaon To Agra Taxi does not hold responsibility any loss incur due to late arrival and/or departure of car/vehicle. you/consumer free to hire other convence if our vehicle does not reach on or before specified time.
6.Gurgaon To Agra Taxi reserves right that whatever price etc. given on website may change at any point of time without any prior notice.
7.Gurgaon To Agra Taxi do not warrant and representation to meet the expectation of customers and provide services “as is” available. However do best efforts to provide better and best services .
8.Gurgaon To Agra Taxi reserve right to cancel any booking at any point of time without giving prior notice or/and reason.
User agreement
Consumer/you will take services with your choice and consent. You are entitle to take services only after agreeing on terms,conditions and privacy & policies. It will consider that you/consumer read terms,conditions , policies, privacies,user agreement in details and word by word on purchase of any service form us.
If you have any objection of/about any content of Gurgaon To Agra Taxi website and services we request you not to buy from us and we do not bind you to purchase any service from us.
The courts of Gurgaon ,India shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any matters arising from the use of the services offered by the Company or the agreement on arrangement between the Company and the Consumer/You.
Privacy policy
Gurgaon To Agra Taxi does not sell consumer /your details for money purpose. We use consumer’s contant details to send them our offers to benefit them. We are entitled to provide details of consumers to legal department when required and decmed fit.
Consumer/you are entiled to pay the 25 persent of booking amount as condition charge.